You have to do a deal!

In the past two weeks, I have met with many prospects and clients.  Some old hands, some brand new investors, and unfortunately some who have been around a long time, but have not pulled the trigger on a deal!

I am in a unique position. I see reality. I see the talkers and the doers.  But whats more revealing is that I see their financial statements.  I know the truth!

What separates the wannabees from the successful?  The talkers think that “if I have this plan and this website and these contacts and and and and…..” the ands are endless. They are looking for the proverbial “Magic Bullet”.

The doers already have that “Magic Bullet”.  It’s a four letter word: W-O-R-K.  (And please do not mistake activity for accomplishment!) The doers get up and make it happen.

I have seen people with NO FORMAL REAL ESTATE EDUCATION go out and make real life changing money in their first year. I have seen people who spend thousands on education and “tools” sit stuck in analysis paralysis for years. Then they claim real estate does not work.

So, today’s message is simple: Get off your A$$ and make something happen! Education is important, but IQ is nowhere near as powerful as I DO!  The only way you are going to produce income is to get out there and like Nike said “JUST DO IT!”!