43%! Thats how much of your income you could give back to the government! Once you have MADE the money, wouldn’t it be great to KEEP IT? At Investors Accounting LLC, we pride ourselves on teaching investors how to make the tax code work for them! Let me show you how to keep more (maybe even ALL) of your money! Join me and special Guest David Bradfor of Drive Planning for breakfast on January 17 and learn:

  • The four critical business strategies financial success
  • How to best organize your business (not fit into someone elses cookie cutter!)
  • Phantom Loss: How to create it and use it to reap HUGE tax savings!
  • The latest in depreciation strategy to keep more of your money both now and later!
  • The Qualified Business Income Deduction, what it is, how it works and how you can make it PAY OFF BIG!
  • How to hire your children and reap huge benefits!
  • 1031 exchange, how to use it and how to GET OUT!
  • Why Qualified money may not be to your advantage!
  • Using leverage the right way!
  • Other ways of holding capital that you may not have considered!
  • AirBNB Strategy-1 dog and 2 cats (NO THATS NOT A TYPO)

Cost: $75.00 ($65 early registration), INCLUDES BREAKFAST!

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